A Spin Around The Neighborhood

First Ride 7 @ ASeasonOnTheMountain

Not last Sunday, but the Sunday before, we went for a 36 mile ride around the block. Kept the shiny side up and didn’t nudge the backside of hubs once.  This season is off to a good start!

True, 36 miles is not very far, but just ask my adductor longus whether that was far enough for the first ride.  Yes, thankyouverymuch.

Conditions were definitely early-season and unfortunately, after Monday’s rain, Saturday’s rain, and yesterday’s rain, we’re pretty much starting over.

Doesn’t Mother Nature know we Vermonters love the snow?  That we get all giddy and can’t wait to feel the snowflakes landing on our rosy cheeks?  That we perform the dandiest Snow-Dance this side of Canada and bow in reverence when she delivers?  Eh?

Snowblowing @ ASeasonOnTheMountainWe have snow removal equipment.  We have generators.  Pac boots two sizes too big in order to fit three layers of socks.  Skis, sleds, snowshoes, skates.  Yes, yes.  We’re ready!

A fierce storm named Hercules?  Bring it on!

(Who names these storms, anyway?)

Instead, she dumps the white stuff on Boston and scoots northeast just close enough to dust up the puffins in Nova Scotia…if they were there.

Remember when, if Boston was threatened with a Nor’easter that meant New England was in for a doozy?  Nowadays Bostonians take several days off, (because that’s how long it takes to get your car shoveled out of the snowbank – and THEN where do you put it?), and go sliding.  We end up looking to the sky in utter disappointment and wonder what the heck happened.

I really shouldn’t rant.

First Ride @ ASeasonOnTheMountainSo, not last Sunday, but the Sunday before’s morning started out lovely.

First Ride 6 @ ASeasonOnTheMountainWe only stopped once to admire the view, given the short ride.

First Ride 5 @ ASeasonOnTheMountainWe have a new trail close to the house which is awesome!

First Ride 1 @ ASeasonOnTheMountainWe slid back into the yard, parked the snowmobiles, carefully deposited dumped everything on the kitchen floor, and headed to the store for 1.13 pounds of hamburger.

First Ride 8 @ ASeasonOnTheMountainWe spotted this beauty on the way and he trotted right over to see what we were up to.  I imagine visions of carrots were dancing in his head.

First Ride 4 @ ASeasonOnTheMountainI guess we were unaccommodating, horse-wise.  But isn’t he handsome?


Your flaky friend,
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